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We are a well-rounded professional Hong Kong CPA firm providing business services to listed groups and multinational conglomerates.

About CWK Global

CWK Global Group possesses extensive experience in professional services for listed groups and multinational conglomerates. We are proud of the uncompromising quality and are dedicated to providing tailored services to your business.

About CWK Global

Mission and Vision

CWK Global Group aimed at providing all-rounded CPA business services and development plans to our customers with our experiences and global resources for greater achievements. We will lead the industry’s elites to attain every possibility and create a better working environment so as to contribute to the society.

The logo of CWK contains a “X” on the top right corner. The “X” composes of 4 leaves, which stand for each of our staff and every part is indispensable, it also represents infinite possibilities and hopes. We believe that every CPA team member can give full play to their strengths and demonstrate their potential abilities. We are united by the common goal.

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