Mr. Xavier Chan, Managing Partner of CWK Global, participated in the PolyU Mentorship Program

The College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) at Polytechnic University held a Mentorship Programme Welcome Ceremony on 7th October 2023, attracting approximately a hundred attendees. As a mentor participating in the program for the fifth consecutive year, Mr. Xavier Chan, Managing Partner of CWK Global, gathered with students and business professionals to share opportunities and industry knowledge in the accounting field, celebrating this significant moment together.

CPCE places emphasis on the Mentorship Program, allowing students to gain more on-the-job experience through sharing from their predecessors. We believe that such an exchange platform will provide valuable guidance and support for the career development of the younger generation.

CWK Global has always been dedicated to nurturing talents, and we firmly believe that the involvement of young people is crucial for the succession of the accounting industry. We will continue to provide internship opportunities for students, allowing them to apply their learning in the accounting industry.