CWK Global hosted a seminar about “How To Turn Carbon Neutrality Into Measurable Actions With ESG Strategy”

CWK Global hosted a seminar on the 5th of March together with the Raffles Family Office and HKCPDA. This seminar aimed to discuss how to turn carbon neutrality into measurable actions with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

Discussion on Several Topics about Green Issue

We were so honored to have Dr. William Yu, Chief Executive Officer of the World Green Organisation (WGO), as the Speaker of the seminar. We also had Mr. Leo Lai, Managing Director of Raffles Family Office, as the Moderator. Dr. Yu founded the World Green Organisation, a green NGO in 2012. He has extensive regional management experience through his professional work in US multinationals and the financial sector. In this seminar, Dr. Yu discussed several topics like a practical roadmap for sustainable development, exploring its purposes and values; the existing gaps in ESG reporting and highlighting the legal pitfalls associated with it; and sustainable investment strategies and measures for cost savings as well.

All You May Need to Know about ESG Strategy

ESG measures are transforming the business landscape, going beyond compliance. The EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive, which mandates companies to disclose their social and environmental management, is already in effect. Despite this, many businesses in Hong Kong display indifference towards sustainable development, failing to align with global trends.

This seminar empowered participants to recognize the importance of incorporating sustainable practices and ESG principles into their organizations. It encouraged them to take action and contribute to a more sustainable future.