CWK Global representatives met with the Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau.

The Hainan Department of Commerce has recently consulted with various industries  regarding the “Ten Measures to Open the Hainan Free Trade Port’s Professional Service Market to Hong Kong.” The measures include expanding the scope of recognition of Hong Kong professional qualifications and allowing Hong Kong professionals to provide financial, construction, and planning services to businesses and residents directly in the free trade port using their Hong Kong professional qualifications. Financial institutions that meet the conditions are also encouraged to establish securities companies, public fund management companies, and futures companies in Haikou.

CWK Global representatives recently met representatives from the Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau. During the meeting, the Haikou representative shared  their policies to promote cooperation between Hong Kong and Hainan, including landing subsidies, rental subsidies, and exhibition incentives. They also invited CWK Global to explore local business opportunities through site visits. CWK Global is full of expectations for the upcoming measures and hopes to engage in related businesses such as auditing management, trust fund consulting, and listed financial consulting in the area.