Financial cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Mr. Xavier Chan, the Founder and Managing Partner of CWK Global and Mr. Chow, Consultant of CWK Global, shared the report from the Shenzhen Financial Association about the financial cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Individual interviewees and corporates are expecting more cross-border financial services to be provided between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, in order to build stronger financial relationships between the two cities.

More than 50% of the individual interviewees from Hong Kong and Macau believed “cross-border yuan trade settlement” could push a better usage of RMB. And more than 70% of the corporates believed there is a need to push RMB as the main currency in Hong Kong to encourage stronger financial cooperation. Digital RMB currency is going to be more popular under technical and government support. Promoting digital currency could help building a digital RMB and HKD ecosphere. 

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