Finding Inner Peace in a World of Pandemic: A Seminar on Mindfulness, Relaxation and Stress Relief

Mr. Jeffrey Ng, Partner of CWK Global, was invited to be the speaker of the seminar “Finding Inner Peace in an Epidemic World: A Positive Mindfulness and Stress Relief Experience” organized by the Society of Chinese Accountants & Auditors (SCAA), where he shared mindfulness practices with nearly 100 participants.

In the face of uncertainty and adversity under the haze of the pandemic, there are always ways to build our resilience. During the seminar, participants learned about emotional intelligence, neuroscience and mindfulness practices to relax their minds and bodies. Besides being a professional accountant, Jeffrey has started mindfulness practices from 2015 and become certified teacher of Search Inside Yourself (SIY), a programme developed in Google which brings mindfulness techniques, emotional intelligence and leadership skills to people around the world. He believes everyone has infinite potential and opportunities inside themselves and is capable of transforming themselves and the community.