Consulting and advisory

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange requires that listed company has to submit ESG report, which discloses the company’s data with respect to environment, social and corporate governance issues and any values provided by the company. For example, climate change, relationship with stakeholders, and ethical issues.

We provide services of ESG related data analysis and report preparation.

Internal control review

Internal control review plays an important role in assuring control design can address risks in the business, control processes and implementation are working effectively and efficiently, laws and regulation are complied with and financial reporting is reliable. A sound internal control system is vital for business to develop and grow.

In Hong Kong, every listed company is required to conduct internal audit and include a statement of internal controls in annual report. Some companies have internal resources for the internal control review and internal audit functions, whereas some prefer outsourcing to professional firms.

We provide services of internal control consulting and internal audit outsourcing. Our professional team can help your company ensure compliance with respective regulations, design tailored internal controls according to the company’s business and needs, improve control design and processes, and follow up on any rectification progress.