ESG Report Service in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) required all listed companies in Hong Kong have to disclose their environmental, social and governance (ESG) report annually. With the ESG report, investors are able to assess companies’ performance by their long-term sustainability plan. A comprehensive ESG report can better evaluate a company’s future risks and opportunities. CWK provides professional ESG report service for listed companies in Hong Kong.

Professional Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report Service

CWK is experienced in advising companies to prepare the annual ESG report. Our services include:


  • Assist listed companies in preparing ESG reports in accordance to HKEX listing rules;
  • Assist listed companies in forming the ESG working group;
  • Assist clients in drafting the ESG charter for the company’s ESG working group;
  • Assist clients on execution and coordination of their ESG action plan


With our ESG report service, we help clients to monitor the whole process in preparing the ESG report and also ensure the ESG action plan is well-executed.

What should a ESG report include?

According to the reporting guide launched by HKEX, the annual ESG report should clearly disclose the company’s environmental, social and governance data and future plans. CWK is helping our client to prepare the following contents in the ESG report: 


1. Environment:

  • Air emission policies data
  • Air emission target
  • Efficient use of resources policies and data
  • Efficient use of resources target
  • Policies of minimising impacts on environment and natural resources 
  • Policies of tackling climate-related issues


2. Social:

  • General employment policies e.g. equal opportunity, anti-discrimination, employee benefit and welfare
  • Employment health and safety policies 
  • Internal vocational training policies
  • Policies on preventing child and forced labour
  • Policies on supply chain management
  • Policies on ensuring product responsibility
  • Policies on community investment


3. Governance

  • Anti-corruption policies

The process of preparing ESG report

To produce a comprehensive ESG report, CWK will assist our clients in preparing the ESG report by the following steps:


  • Facilitate ESG matters materiality assessment;
  • Furnishing research data on climate changes and facilitating the identification of climate-related impacts;
  • Facilitate the collection of data for preparation of ESG report;
  • Conduct cross-checking and walkthrough procedures on environmental and social metrics;
  • Assist the management in preparing the draft ESG Report;
  • Conduct analysis on the draft ESG report against the Listing Rules to facilitate the compliance review of the ESG report by management


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