CWK Global IPO Listing Coordination and Advisory Services

As an international financial centre, Hong Kong is one of the most popular cities in the world for listing and capital raising. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is one of the world’s largest exchange groups and has a global reputation as a leading link to the Chinese financial markets. The HKEx offers two routes of listing, the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM). The Main Board is for more mature companies with relatively high financial and business record requirements, while the GEM is for small and medium-sized enterprises with a lower listing threshold than the Main Board.

World Leader in IPO Capital Raising and Speedy Listing

One of the reasons why Hong Kong has been one of the world’s top fundraisers for many years is that it has a faster time frame for obtaining approval for listing or follow-up financing, which is conducive to faster business expansion.

CWK Global IPO Listing Coordination and Advisory Services

The professional team members of CWK Global have many years of experience in assisting different companies in their IPO listing. We provide listing co-ordination and advisory services to our clients based on the unique circumstances and advantages of the Hong Kong market, which include:

  • Pre-listing Initial Due Diligence
  • Pre-listing Restructuring and Feasibility Consultation
  • Financial Planning
  • Audit Services
  • Internal Control Planning
  • Taxation Matters

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