International Corporate Services

For company establishment in Hong Kong, the right international business services not only help them to enhance their international image, but also to take advantage of the convenience of different countries’ legal systems for tax and listing purposes.

Economic regions favorable to foreign investors

Foreign investors, on the way of their business expansion, will consider different countries and jurisdiction when setting up their foreign establishment. For instance, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Cayman Islands (CI) benefit from their status as a British colony and retain to a large extent the well-established legal system and judicial system of the United Kingdom, which together with the local government’s policy of giving priority to the economy, have created economic regions favorable to foreign investors. This allows companies from different countries to enjoy the benefits of a high degree of privacy and tax exemptions, providing flexibility in the movement of capital and business operations.

Examples of countries/regions that offer offshore company formation services:

* British Virgin Island (BVI)

* Cayman Islands

* Seychelles

* Marshall Islands

* Mauritius

* Malta

* Gibraltar

* China

* Taiwan

* Japan

* Singapore

* Malaysia

* United Kingdom

* Thailand

* Panama

* Australia

* Cambodia

* India

* Indonesia

* Macau

* the Philippines

* Singapore

* Vietnam

* Albania

* Mexico

* Chile

* Argentina

* Others

The main purposes of the offshore company:

* As a holding company

* To facilitate operations in the local market

* Tax planning

* Listing plan

* Shareholder information protection

* Real estate and real estate holdings

One-stop offshore company professional services

CWK Global’s professional team has many years of experience in international corporate services and is one of the most professional companies that can set up a wide range of overseas companies. Unlike general secretarial companies, clients can also enjoy one-stop professional services such as overseas company incorporation, international tax advisory and planning, license application, legal advisory etc.. CWK Global hopes to provide you with value-added overseas business advice and support each client in establishing their own corporate empire and expanding their business to different countries and cities.


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