Licensing and fund set up services

Have you ever thought about doing a licensed business or operating a fund? See below for what we can help.

Licensing services

We provide application and renewal services for the following licenses:

Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) license (Type 1, 4 and 9)

Type 1, 4 and 9 are popular SFC licences in Hong Kong. Possessing these licenses can perform regulated activities of dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management services respectively. You have to appoint responsible officers to oversee the regulated activities.

Money lenders license

You can start a money lending business with a money lenders license. A management with money lending company working experience required by the authority is a prerequisite of the application. You can also acquire an existing money lending company to do the business.

Money service operators (MSO) license

MSO application and renewal require submission of anti-money laundering policy to the Customs and Excise Department and having a meeting with them. We provide all the services that help you apply for and renewal of the MSO license.

Trust & company services provider license

Other than application for trust & company services provider license, we provide trust administrator and audit services.

Limited partnership fund

Along with the long established Cayman fund, we provide services of setting up Hong Kong limited partnership fund.

Since the rolling out of the Hong Kong limited partnership fund in August 2020, the application has become popular due to the lower set up and annual fees and shorter period of time that takes for establishment. Come and talk to us to understand more about setting up funds.

Other services