Company secretarial

According to the Cap. 622 Companies Ordinance Part 10, every company should have a company secretary, which the importance of this position is not comparable to that of an ordinary personal secretary.

Company Secretary As A Statutory position

As a statutory position, company secretary can be divided into 2 main categories: company secretary of regular and ad-hoc companies and company secretary of listed companies. Over the years, this position has evolved from taking executive responsibility to a senior executive with specified qualifications and relevant experience. In addition to handling statutory paperwork between the company and the government, the company secretary is also required to provide a high standard of professional advice to the board of directors on corporate governance and professional ethics matters on a regular basis.

Company Secretarial Expertise

CWK Global’s company secretarial services are dedicated to providing an appropriate communication link between the board of directors and the management, meanwhile a qualified company secretary is also able to ensure that different departments operate to meet the most updated regulatory requirements. CWK Global provides the following professional company secretarial services: Company Incorporation, Share transfer, Registered office, Share allotment, Annual return filing, Deregistration, Liquidation, Maintenance of Significant Controller Register (SCR), Dormant companies and more. 

In addition to providing secretarial services for regular and ad-hoc companies, CWK Global also provides company secretarial services for listed companies in accordance with the requirements of the The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Company Secretarial Services for Listed Companies

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong requires that company secretaries of listed companies must be individuals and must possess specific qualifications and relevant experience. The following qualifications are required to serve as company secretaries of listed companies:

  • a member of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries;
  • a solicitor or barrister as defined in the Legal Practitioners Ordinance;
  • a certified accountant as defined in the Professional Accountants Ordinance.

Due to the rising expectations of institutions and investors on transparency in corporate affairs, the role and responsibilities of company secretaries in Hong Kong listed companies will become increasingly important in this complex and changing era.

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