Hong Kong Tax Services

Professional Hong Kong Tax Advisory Service

Tax is an indispensable factor in the decisions in business activities and investments. Hence, an effective and legal tax planning is essential to yield significant tax savings and improve cash flow. CWK Global Group gathers tax experts in all areas and we build a diversified tax advisory team and expand our professional tax advisory services all around the globe.

Our professional tax advisory team has extensive experience in advising Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas investors on tax issues, delivering the most effective and precise tax advice to multinational enterprises and individuals in order to enhance their tax strategies.

Hong Kong Tax Advisory Service

Hong Kong practises a simple, business-friendly and low-rate tax system. For tax declaration and tax burdens appraisal, our professional tax advisory team offers individual or corporate clients tax advisory services on:

  • Profits Tax (two-tiered rates, the profits tax rate for the first HK$2 million of profits of corporations would be lowered to 8.25%. Profits above that amount would continue to be subject to the tax rate of 16.5%.)
  • Salaries Tax (Personal income tax at progressive rates ranging from 2% to 17%)
  • Property Tax (15% on the net assessable value of annual rental income)

Latest tax amendments by IRD

In order to foster continuous improvement, our professional tax advisory team takes heed of amendments announced by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). For instance, IRD approved the enhancement of the existing eFax Portal in July 2020 to enable more multinational enterprises to e-file profits tax returns, in order to address the challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy. Our professional tax advisory team is fully equipped for the developments in the international tax landscape and provide comprehensive and professional tax services to assist clients with full strategic solutions.

Tax exemption outside Hong Kong

In addition, our professional tax advisory team advises on tax exemption of income/profit derived from sources outside Hong Kong. As Hong Kong adopts  a territorial source principle of taxation and has entered into Comprehensive Double Taxation Agreements/ Arrangements with 45 jurisdictions as of March 2021, whereby only income or profits sourced in Hong Kong is subject to tax, and that derived from sources outside Hong Kong by a local resident is generally not taxed in Hong Kong. Via the application for Double Taxation

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