Managing Partner of CWK Global participated in the Venture Capital Day of Shenzhen to discuss Shenzhen-Hong Kong capital cooperation

The development of innovative technology relies on capital to explore larger markets. Last year, Hong Kong and Shenzhen announced the “18 Measures for Supporting the Linked Development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Venture Capital Investments in Qianhai”, which facilitates cooperation in innovation and technology between the two cities. 

CWK Global, which has offices in Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, was invited by InvestHK and other organizers to attend the Venture Capital Day of Shenzhen Roundtable Forum held in Qianhai on June 8. The Founder and Managing Partner of CWK Global, Mr Xavier Chan, attended the roundtable forum on “How to Promote the Internationalization of Capital in the Greater Bay Area”, sharing his professional insights and past experiences on how capital from the two regions can collaborate more closely to promote the internationalization of capital in the Greater Bay Area.

The Venture Capital Day of Shenzhen was organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, the Authority of Qianhai, the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong, and InvestHK. The event brought together officials, representatives from listed companies, investors, and start-up entrepreneurs to discuss topics such as financial cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Private Equity Funds Connect, and international capital connection.