Audit and assurance


Our professional audit team has professional auditing experience that assure your audit report is fully compliance with Hong Kong and international audit standards. We provide professional audit and assurance services, which includes statutory audit, special purpose audit and attestation service.

Statutory Audit

We have extensive experience in preparing audit reports for listed companies, limited companies and partnerships. Our audit team can assist clients with auditing plans that compliance with Hong Kong and international auditing standards and Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. Not only to handle complicated audit compliances, but we also provide true and fair view financial reports for clients, including:

  • profit and loss statement
  • balance sheet
  • cash flow statement
  • notes

A credible and quality financial audit report could help companies to identify future challenges and opportunities for development.

Special Purpose Audit

CWK Global assists clients with auditing services for special purpose. We provide special purpose audit services including:

  • agreed-upon procedure
  • profit prediction audit
  • merger
  • acquisition
  • listing
  • very substantial disposal and connected transaction for listed companies
  • very substantial acquisition and connected transaction for listed companies
  • major transactions for listed companies


Our audit team provides reliable service that compliance with Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Hong Kong Listing Rules. We believe a comprehensive report could help you to achieve your development goals.

Attestation service

Except from auditing services, we provide attestation service for financial performance and also cover attestation that are out of financial statement audit requirements. This service provides transparent and reliable reports for information from clients’ products or services. The report helps improving the credibility of the company and lower the information risks.

Other services