Global Tax Advisory and Planning

Global Tax Advisory and Planning

Tax Advisory and Planning

Tax is an indispensable factor in the decisions in business activities and investments. Hence, an effective and legal tax planning is essential to yield significant tax savings and improve cash flow. CWK Global Group gathers tax experts in all areas and we build a diversified tax advisory team and expand our professional tax advisory services all around the globe.

Our professional tax advisory team has extensive experience in advising Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas investors on tax issues, delivering the most effective and precise tax advice to multinational enterprises and individuals in order to enhance their tax strategies.

We provide tax planning and advisory services to any business, from owner-managed enterprises to large multinationals and listed enterprise groups.

Our services include:

(1) Tax optimization through business restructure and / or supply chain modeling

  • Understand the Group’s current business structure and business model, evaluate and recommend alternative measures and solutions to achieve tax optimization with business efficiency
  • We assist the clients’ management team to understand the potential tax restructure ideas, applicable industrial practices, relevant tax rules, prevailing practices and comments of tax authorities

(2) Tax enquiries from authorities and tax dispute cases

  • Assist company and individual in assessing and evaluating the cases in question, to advice the potential tax implications and provide recommendations to mitigate potential tax risks, tax liabilities and/or tax penalties
  • Assist in drafting replies, reviewing and evaluating the appropriate documentary evidence in supporting the cases for any submissions to tax authorities. If necessary, we assist the client to liaise with case assessors of the authorities on behalf of the client for optimal solution

(3) Domestic and overseas investment planning

  • Provide professional advice to assist the clients’ management team in understanding the compliance obligations of the involving tax jurisdictions and the relevant tax rules applicable to the projects, evaluate potential tax risks and possible tax investigations, and provide recommendations to mitigate tax risks and achieve tax optimization

(4) Initial Public Offering/Spin-off Listing – Pre-IPO tax planning

  • Prior to IPO or spin-off exercise, the Group should review the existing group structure and business operation model from tax perspective to ensure that there are no tax non-compliance issues or potential investigations or disputes from the tax authorities, so as to avoid tax issues affecting the timetable of the public offering
  • And, the Group should review and explore any preferrable arrangements on group structure or / and business operation model for tax efficiency to the listed group and the shareholders

(5) Immigration tax consultation

  • Tailor-made consultation of each case
  • Understand the tax obligations of the relevant countries, including tax risks of the individual and the family
  • Evaluate and provide alternatives measures and recommendations from tax perspective regarding asset management
  • Advice the corporate tax related issues which may arise with the immigration of key individual
  • Tax planning for offshore trusts set up

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