CWK Global shared the overall tax implications on dividend from PRC subsidiaries to Hong Kong Company

The Greater Bay Area presents unlimited business opportunities. To seize these opportunities, it is crucial to understand the cross-border tax implications. CWK Global was recently invited by the Hong Kong Continuous Professional Development Association (HKCPDA) to successfully conduct a tax seminar on September 7th, combining online and offline formats. Participants gained valuable insights into the significant tax implications that may arise when distributing dividends in cross-border business operations between PRC and Hong Kong, enabling them to identify suitable tax planning strategies for the Greater Bay Area. 

The seminar has been conducted by Ms. Evy Wong, the Principal Partner of the Tax & Advisory Department of CWK Global. She shared the tax considerations involved in distributing dividends from PRC companies to Hong Kong shareholders, as well as the impact of Certificate of Resident Status on tax planning. 

Furthermore, Ms. Wong provided a detailed overview of the latest developments in handling Foreign-Sourced Income Exemption (FSIE) to assist participants in better understanding and addressing relevant tax challenges.