CWK Global Sponsors ESG Seminar for The Association of Chinese Internal Auditors

In recent years, many listed companies and investors have increasingly valued the ESG concept of “Environment”, “Social Responsibility”, and “Governance”. To help accounting professionals better understand the latest trends and implementation details of ESG, CWK Global sponsored a seminar with over 200 participants organized by the Association of Chinese Internal Auditors last month while our representatives shared the latest information on ESG and case studies of listed companies, exploring topics such as “Green World”, “Practical Strategies for Corporate ESG”, and “The Role of Listed Companies in ESG.”

During the conference, Mr. Rico Leung, Associate Partner of CWK Global, shared the latest ESG trends, new energy development, green energy prospects and applications. This was followed by Mr. Ernie Leung, Managing Partner of CWK Global, who shared the role of listed companies in ESG, the contents of ESG reports of listed companies, and ESG reporting techniques for new energy development. Lastly, Dr. Raymond Wong, General Manager of Baguio iRecycle Limited, shared this year’s carbon emission trends and related accreditation, allowing professionals in the industry to learn more about the methods of practising ESG.