CWK University Program

In order to cultivate young people into outstanding talents in the industry and contribute to society, CWK Global has launched the CWK University Program. Through a variety of activities, we provide guidance, support, and inspiration to students, aiming to foster their comprehensive development.

About the CWK University Program

The CWK University Program not only focuses on the academic development of students but also on helping them equip themselves and prepare for their future engagement in society. We provide various training and internship opportunities for students to learn practical skills and gain valuable experience in a real work environment. Students participating in the program also have the opportunity to receive scholarships, with specific amounts based on their attendance and mentor evaluations.

CWK University Program Seminars

Recently, CWK Global held two seminars on the CWK University Program. Mr. Ernie Leung, the Managing Partner of CWK Global, and Mr. Alfred Siu, the Principal Partner of CWK Global in the Audit and Assurance Department, were the guest speakers. They interacted with students from The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Metropolitan University, providing a detailed introduction to the content of the CWK University Program. We highly value student participation and will leverage our team’s extensive experience and resources to provide comprehensive training and guidance.

We believe that through this program, students will be able to develop excellent professional abilities, outstanding interpersonal skills, and a strong teamwork spirit, laying a solid foundation for future career development.