Cyberport Data Leak: CWK Global Managing Partner Mr. Xavier Chan Calls for Enhanced Cybersecurity

With the increasing frequency of cyber attacks, businesses are constantly at risk of operational disruptions. Recently, Cyberport experienced a data leak where an international hacking group infiltrated their systems and stole up to 400GB of confidential documents. Mr. Xavier Chan, Managing Partner of CWK Global and Chairman of the International Financial Crime Prevention Association, expressed his concerns about the incident in a recent interview with Wen Wei Po.

As Cyberport did not pay the ransom, the data was eventually leaked on the dark web for anyone to download. The leaked information included Cyberport’s financial reports, loan status, and employee data. Mr. Chan believes that this data breach, which involved strategic plans and a significant amount of employee salary information, reflects a lack of security awareness at Cyberport. It is crucial to prevent further leakage of confidential data in the future. Other companies should also take this as a lesson and implement measures to avoid similar incidents from occurring again.